Working at Bayer

Students & Graduates

We are not simply an attractive employer: we see ourselves as a partner who is interested in your advancement, because that helps us move ahead, too. We offer outstanding international development opportunities for students and graduates


Every year, an average of 4000 international students from around the world find their way to Bayer, whether as interns, students about to take their final degree exams, working students or simply as part of a study visit. By taking advantage of one of these opportunities, you will gain an insight into our company and learn specific company processes and meet the employees involved. These valuable experiences gained during your studies will make it easier for you to embark upon your own career by giving you a real feel for the working world.

You can find offers just for students on our international job portal.

Graduates & Young Professionals

Looking to start your career? Eager to finally put your ideas into practice? Our specialized programs for young professionals not only equip you for day-to-day working life, but also prepare you to become an expert in your field. The varied training programs at Bayer allow you to really make things happen and prepare you for a career in which you can use your passion to develop solutions for the fascinating questions facing our society.

For more information on the training programs available at Bayer in Europe and their requirements and application periods, please visit our Global Careers website.