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The industrial town of Muttenz lies to the east of Basel in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft. There are around 17,000 people who live and work here. In 1983, the municipality was honored by the Swiss Heritage Society for its efforts to maintain its historic buildings in a heavily industrialized environment.



Bayer CropScience Schweiz AG

Rothausstrasse 61

4132 Muttenz

Tel.: +41 440465 81 11


The Muttenz site at a glance:

Employees 270
Divisions & service companies Bayer CropScience Switzerland



Address for visitors:

Bayer CropScience Schweiz AG
Rothausstrasse 61
4132 Muttenz
Tel.: +41 440465 81 11
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Frequently asked questions about the site

In what areas do Bayer employees in Muttenz mainly work?

The Muttenz CropScience site has an international focus and employs 240 people primarily in the production and global distribution of crop protection intermediates. The following areas are also covered at Bayer’s Muttenz site:

  • Chemistry
  • Pharmatechnology
  • Laboratory chemistry
  • Technical services
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing & Procurement

What historical facts do I need to know if I’m going to live in Muttenz?

Over the last century, Muttenz has transformed from a farming village to a modern industrial center. Despite this industrialization, the town has managed to retain its original appearance, which now fits harmoniously with today’s lifestyles. Alongside its well-maintained historic farmhouses, Muttenz is also the home to one of Bayer CropScience’s most efficient and cutting-edge production sites in the world.

What opportunities for enjoying nature does Muttenz have to offer?

Muttenz is the ideal base for visiting a wide range of local recreational areas: extensive woodlands, nature reserves and the impressive vineyards make this small industrial hub an excellent place to live.

Do I need to travel to Basel if I want to visit a museum?

renowned art and culture scene, its Ortsmuseum (local history museum), the Karl Jauslin Collection and the Bauernhausmuseum (farming museum) offer an attractive insight into the town’s local history. And the Kunsthaus Baselland, one of the leading exhibition venues for regional, national and international contemporary art in the Basel area, is a particular highlight.


  • Ortsmuseum & Karl Jauslin Collection

    The Ortsmuseum in Muttenz offers visitors an insight into the local history and the village’s transformation from the Stone Age right through to today. It also has an exhibition dedicated to the historical painter and illustrator Karl Jauslin (1842-1904).

    For more information on the Ortsmuseum:

  • Bauernhausmuseum

    The farmhouse, which features 19th-century fixtures and fittings, transports visitors into a farmer’s day-to-day life exactly as it was over one hundred years ago. And visitors can even try out their skills at one of the museum’s regular themed events.

    For more information on the Bauernhausmuseum, visit

  • Kunsthaus Baselland

    The Kunsthaus Baselland has been offering young artists a platform to showcase their works in individual, group or themed exhibitions since 1998. Housed in an unused factory building, the Kunsthaus Baselland is today one of the leading exhibition venues for regional, national and international contemporary art in the Basel area.

    For more information on the Kunsthaus Baselland, visit:


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