Why Bayer?

Development & Teamwork

At Bayer, we encourage open discussion, share our knowledge throughout the Group and maintain good partnerships in external networks. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to work in a diverse team with leading experts and benefit from global expertise, while sharing your passion for developing new possibilities with others. Only in an inspiring environment with enthusiastic, intelligent people can groundbreaking ideas be transformed into powerful solutions.

Whether through regular feedback, international and diverse teams, continual further training or new challenges, our culture is geared towards continuously supporting our employees in their personal and professional development. Find out how we help you build on your capabilities and broaden your horizons as a member of the Bayer team.

Feedback culture

The personal development of our employees is a critical concept that we keenly support with regular feedback. As part of our Performance Management approach, we use the individual development dialog and the 360° feedback to strengthen our feedback culture and promote employee personal development.

On the one hand, the development dialog encourages managers to take responsibility for the development of their employees, while on the other, it enables the employees themselves to steer their own professional development. During the dialog, employees discuss their strengths and targets with their line manager and work out an individual development plan. The 360° feedback, on the other hand, paints a clear picture of an employee’s performance as seen by colleagues and business partners.

By supporting our employees to build on their unique strengths and talents, we are continually furthering our organization and creating a work environment in which our employees are encouraged and empowered to give their best, to grow and to fulfill their potential.

Working in International Teams

At Bayer, we employ people from 150 different countries. We therefore attach immense importance to encouraging staff collaboration and good relations with customers from different cultural backgrounds.

We back every single employee and will help you perform your work to the very best of your ability – wherever you are from and whatever your background. The members of your team are some of the sharpest minds the world has to offer. This creates a well-balanced, multicultural corporate culture, which ensures that our customers benefit from the very best pool of international and multicultural expertise.

Learning: the key to individual growth

At Bayer, we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and see it as our duty to invest in the education and training of our employees.

This means our staff benefit from comprehensive training and further education initiatives that promote their professional and personal development. A fundamental principle of our talent management program consists in promoting the individual strengths and talents that each and every employee brings to Bayer and allowing the diverse ideas, experiences and perspectives of all our staff to come together to achieve success.

By giving future generations of managers and experts the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, we are paving the way for continuous and sustainable development of both our employees and our company.

Bayer Academy

The Bayer Academy is our own Corporate University imparting leadership and general management know-how together with specialist knowledge through intensive and strategically designed training activities that are adapted to each individual business unit.

The Bayer Academy is a fundamental component of our Talent Management strategy, which focuses on investing in the development and further education of our staff. What’s more, the Academy also offers systematic programs for further education on the job and supports our employees in their individual career progression. Our seminars and training activities are offered around the world in various languages and cover both global and local needs.

Participating in the training opportunities offered by the Bayer Academy is an invitation to our employees to help shape the future of Bayer, to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues and to discover the latest research findings so as to inspire innovative thinking. We actively involve the members of management and encourage cross-unit collaboration, networking and insights into other areas and innovations.

Global internal job portal

One of our primary goals is to present jobs and development opportunities throughout the company transparently, including senior management positions, so as to increase openness to mobility.

In our efforts to pursue this goal, we established an internal job portal back in 2012 to give our employees straightforward, exclusive access to vacancies across the world. By increasing transparency and international mobility, the job portal helps to ensure that all employees at Bayer can find a job within the company that best matches their skills and knowledge.