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Bayer is committed to providing state-of-the-art benefits to its employees. Benefits contribute to individual and family health, increase financial security, and help create a comfortable work-life balance that improves quality of life.


We ensure a high level of social protection in our workplaces. Nearly all Bayer Group employees have health insurance as well as access to a company pension plan. The working conditions for over half of our employees are governed by collective or company agreements. We are constantly working to increase the benefits we provide and our goal for the future is to have the highest level of social protection available for all employees.


An important principle of our benefits and rewards approach is to link employees’ compensation to their performance, incentivizing personal growth and achievement. Regular benchmarking against global standards sets base salaries in line with the requirements of each position. Salaries are then supplemented by performance-related compensation and extensive additional benefits.



Bayer’s compensation packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our global workforce and include elements like base salary, bonuses, long and short-term incentives, and benefits.

Importantly, we regularly check in with external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure people at our company are fairly compensated.

Social Insurance

It is important to Bayer that our employees are well insured, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions when it comes to employee pensions as well as to the daily sickness allowance, occupational accident and non-occupational accident insurances.

Work Life Balance

Protecting the health of our employees is Bayer’s prime objective. We know that it is not always easy to strike the right balance between challenges at work and one’s personal needs, which is why we create attractive conditions so that each individual can realize their full potential – and stay healthy at the same time.


Bayer offers different benefits depending on the location. These include contributions towards lunches as well as those paid upon the birth of a child or one’s wedding. The purchase of Reka-Checks and other benefits round off the offering.

Health Program

With our health program, we offer our employees a range of sports and wellness activities, including fitness, yoga, Zumba, badminton, football, volleyball, massage and Nordic walking.

A variety of different programs are offered at the various locations.

Working Hours and Vacation Entitlement

In Switzerland, Bayer operates a working time model based on annual working hours. This makes it possible for employees to better match their working hours to the workload, take due account of the changed demands in their private life and therefore strike a balance between the interests of the company and their own interests.

Employees have a vacation entitlement of between 25 and 30 working days, depending on their age and position level. In addition to the regular number of vacation days, employees can apply to buy up to 15 additional vacation days.

Maternity leave is 18 weeks, and paternity leave is 10 days.


Bayer is a member of the Profawo Kids & Co. This is a childcare service, which operates a range of daycare centres throughout Switzerland.

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