Why Bayer?

Compensation & Benefits

Bayer is committed to offering its employees outstanding benefits. These significantly help to safeguard the health of both the employee and their family, increase financial security and help establish a healthy work-life balance, thereby improving quality of life.

We work to guarantee a high level of social protection in our workplaces. Almost all Bayer employees are covered by health insurance plans and have access to a company pension scheme. Working conditions for over half of our employees are governed by collective or company agreements. We continually strive to increase the range of benefits we offer and have set ourselves a target to provide all our employees with the highest possible level of social security in future.

One of the major guiding principles of our benefits and compensation approach is to tie salary to individual performance, thereby creating an incentive for personal success. We regularly measure our compensation structures against global standards and adjust wages and salaries to the individual requirements of each position. We supplement our wages and salaries with performance-based pay and numerous other attractive benefits.



Our compensation packages cover the diverse needs of our global workforce and include, for example, basic salaries and wages, bonus schemes, long- and short-term incentives and additional services.

In this context, we regularly consult external benchmarks and internal standards to assess salaries, thereby ensuring that our employees are paid fairly.

Social security

It is important to us that our employees are well insured. With this in mind, we offer generous solutions for employee pensions and insurance for daily sickness benefits, occupational and non-occupational accidents.

Work-Life Balance

We are keen to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees. We know that it is not always easy to strike the right balance between challenges at work and personal needs. This is why we create the right framework conditions to ensure everyone can reach their full potential – while staying healthy at the same time.


Bayer offers different benefits at each site. These may include language courses, contributions to childbirth and weddings. And last, but not least, we also offer employees the opportunity to purchase Reka checks (a Swiss scheme for discounted holidays, leisure and staff catering) and various other benefits to round off our range of services.

Health program

Through our health program, our employees can access a range of activities, including fitness sessions, yoga, zumba, badminton, football, volleyball, massages and Nordic walking.

Each site has a wide variety of different programs to offer.

Working hours/Leave entitlement

In Switzerland, Bayer uses the annual working time model, which gives employees the option of better adjusting their working hours to their workload, adjusting their workload to changing requirements in their private life (where appropriate), thereby bringing the interests of the company in line with their own.

Employees are entitled to between 25 and 30 days of leave, depending on age and functional level. In addition to general leave, employees may also request up to 15 additional days. Maternity leave is 18 weeks and paternity leave 10 days.


Bayer is a member of Profawo Kids & Co., a childcare service that runs a number of daycare centers across Switzerland.