For those who see success as a team challenge.


There's no substitute for experience. A leading company such as Bayer needs experts and specialists in all disciplines who really know their jobs inside out, which generally takes several years of work experience to achieve. If you're among the best in your profession, have several year's of work experience and are seeking an exciting challenge, we'd very much like to hear from you.

Bayer offers excellent career development prospects for professionals. The qualifications and abilities that future employees should bring to the table depend on the requirements of each job. After all, at Bayer hardly any two jobs are the same.


In general, the best applicants from Bayer’s point kkkkkof view are those offering proven expertise in the form of an above-average education / university degree.


With applications from specialists, we also place great importance on evidence of specific accomplishments, experience and success in previous professional endeavors. You should also possess the ability to think independently and laterally, along with good management skills, customer orientation, ability to communicate and a good knowledge of languages.


Your personality is of crucial importance too. We expect applicants to be able to work independently and display flexibility, mobility, high motivation and enthusiasm for new challenges. If you are not satisfied with what you have achieved so far, Bayer offers you excellent opportunities to realize your career goals within a true global player.


Hereafter you will find an overview of our department structures of each sites that would give you a hint about which structure could be the most suitable and matching your fields of experience.






Bayer offers internationally excellent development opportunities for students and graduates who are ready to use their theoretical and academic knowledge in the working world.


In Switzerland we only have few openings to offer during the year.


However, Bayer welcomes about 4,000 students a year – for internships, facility visits, vacation work and to write theses and dissertations. Internships are an excellent way of finding out more about the company and its processes, and getting to know the people who work for us.


This fact is especially important to keep in mind when it comes to the variety of job profiles Bayer can offer you. Do you want to get a sneak preview of your future career? Take a look at our current job/Internships offers.



Pharma / Consumer Care / Diabetes Care

  • Strategic Marketing / Communications
  • Product Supply / Procurement / Quality
  • Global Innovation
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Affairs
  • Central Administration
  • Controlling / Accounting


  • Chemistry
  • Pharmatechnology
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Technical services
  • Logistics
  • Procurement


  • Operative Marketing
  • Sales
  • Development / Registration
  • Logistics


  • Operative Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Internal Services




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